I shall always be enormously grateful to the Charlotte Fraser Foundation for their generous financial help towards my Postgraduate studies at the Royal College of Music. Without this Award, I would not have been able to undertake my Masters in Performance and further myself as a flute player. I am very thankful indeed for their help at this important time in my career.


Scholarship winner

2019/20 Royal College of Music

2021/22 RCM Art Dip

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Receiving an award from the Charlotte Fraser Foundation has allowed me to undertake my MA at the Royal Academy of Music. Without this financial help I would not have been able to continue the education I need to have the best career possible. I am so thankful for the support this foundation has given me and I could not progress towards my goals without it!


- Scholarship winner

2019/20 Royal Academy of Music


Receiving the Charlotte Fraser Award enabled me to get an MA from the Royal Academy of Music as it paid a significant amount of my tuition fees. I am so grateful for the Foundation’s support throughout my studies and was in regular contact with Charlotte herself. The learning experience during my MA has hugely furthered my career as an oboist and I would not be where I am today without being able to study at postgraduate level thanks to sponsors like Charlotte Fraser.

AMY ROBERTS - Award winner

2016 Royal Academy of Music


I’m incredibly grateful for the support I’ve received from my Charlotte Fraser Scholarship. With their help I was able to continue my postgraduate studies at the Royal Academy of Music and so further develop my musicianship and orchestral skills. 


2017/18 Royal Academy of Music

I am writing to thank you for your very kind and continued support towards my studies at RAM which without your help would not be possible. 


CHARLOTTE COX  - Award winner
2017 Royal Academy of Music

I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the extremely generous scholarship given to me by the Charlotte Fraser Award. To know that I am being supported through my final year of my studies is wonderful and I hope to achieve many of my goals. Since I am able to pay my tuition fees with your help, it means that I can spend more time studying and practising rather than earning money to pay off my debts.

OLIVIA WALBURTON  - Award winner

2016-18 Royal Academy of Music