Charlotte Fraser has been involved for a number of years with both the Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy of Music awarding scholarships and bursaries to postgraduate students.


After Brighton Art School and “picking up pins” in a couture house Charlotte started work designing dresses before moving on to knitwear in the ‘70s. The '80s brought a radical change in direction when she and her husband bought a vineyard in SWFrance. 


Charlotte is particularly passionate about woodwind and brass instruments and first fell in love with the oboe while at school 

where a fellow pupil was a talented oboist... strains of “Jesu Joy” wafting along the cloisters.


Charlotte has also been awarding scholarships and bursaries at the RCA, Ceramics and Glass Department for the last 20 years. Many of the recipients have gone on to achieve great successes in their careers. These include Zemer Peled, Katherine Morling, James Lethbridge, Amy Lax and Katie Spragg.


Chairman: Simon Burke
Charlotte Fraser
Michael Harding
Jemima Lumley Marshall

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